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"After using YogaHands for a few minutes, the pain in my little finger was reduced significantly. I didn’t even expect YogaHands to help with the pain in my little finger.

I wanted to make sure the pain reduction was due to YogaHands and not because of a reduced workload, so I waited until today when there was a lot of pain. Again, a few minutes after using YogaHands the pain was gone. It is actually quite impressive how much YogaHands has helped.

My wife has also been having problems with her hands and wrists, and she too says YogaHands has helped a lot. Even after using them for the first time, she said they really helped. I was a little dubious of the claim, so I wanted to test them out more before making any statements. After a month, I have to agree with my with my wife." 
-Mike "Daarken" Lim (Digital Illustrator for Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings),
"I wanted a pair pretty badly because I know that I abuse my hands a little bit and wanted to give them some love. I’m constantly typing, texting or gripping something, both as a writer and in all of the sports I’ve done (grappling with the gi requires a lot of grip work, as does squeezing the bar while weightlifting). So here’s this contraption that lets you give your fingers a nice, gentle stretch. What’s not to like?

The actual contraption is pretty simple. There’s a couple of pieces of plastic and three large pieces of foam, and you just place your fingers through Yoga Hands until you feel the level of stretch you desire, and leave it on for as long as you’d like. The foam is actually pretty firm, so your hands stay in place instead of sinking into the foam. The design is so simple that I found myself wondering why they hadn’t been invented before." 
-Yael Grauer,
"For the affordable price of $40, you get a pair of YogaHands that will help you manage and alleviate many types of hand and wrist ailments, they are light and easy to carry, there is a 30-day risk free money-back guarantee and they are available to buy online any time.

Because I work on my computer every single day for professional and personal use, YogaHands have been a blessing and sit next to my monitor every day." 
-Jaime Gervais (Digital Illustrator),
"My 24 yr. old niece had a spinal stroke 2 months ago. She is home now and going to PT twice a week. Every other day of the week she does her own workout at home. I purchased Yoga Hands for her to try. She has limited control of her right hand but her left hand is much better. She told me the Yoga Hands were "Great!!!""

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