YogaHands® | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger, & Arthritis Relief!


Hand Pain Gone™

YogaHands® Help Stop & Prevent: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger, Arthritis Pain, & More!

I Need YogaHands®
YogaHands stretch and strengthen overworked hands

The Hand Fixer For Nonstop Hands

Repetitive use of your fingers and hands—even just typing—causes pain and fatigue. YogaHands® turn this around in minutes!

YogaHands hand relief product features -- Made in USA

Put Life Back In Your Hands!

Lightweight and compact, YogaHands® are incredible on-the-go hand therapy. Use ‘em throughout the day to keep hands refreshed and revitalized! YogaHands® are *the* natural solution for hand and wrist pain—from the same ingenious creators of YogaToes®.

How YogaHands® Work

Putting on Yoga Hands wrist and hand exerciser

1. Line Up Your Fingers

Slowly press YogaHands® downward until the desired stretch is experienced. 

YogaHands trigger finger hand therapy

2. Slide On YogaHands®

Let YogaHands® stretch your fingers for 5-15 mins. per session (time will vary). Use 'em often! 

3. Revived & Refreshed Hands!

YogaHands® help knock out Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tenodnitis, and arthritis pain in just minutes.


"Love YogaHands®. Hands Up, Hands Down! Best way to stretch the digits after lots of typing or a crazy zen class of poses. These are a durable product."

– Derrick James

"I would recommend YogaHands to anyone who uses their hands a lot or who just find them sore at the end of the day. From my experience I can say it’s been so lovely to use and I can’t image my hands without them anymore. It’s like a spa for my hands!"

– Erica Kloestra

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