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spread fingers in YogaHands wrist and hand exerciser device
spread fingers in YogaHands wrist and hand exerciser device side angle of Yoga Hands trigger finger and had therapy device features of YogaHands hand therapy for arthritis and finger joint pain

Repetitive use of your fingers and hands, even just typing, causes pain and fatigue. YogaHands® turn this around in minutes! It’s *the* natural fix for hand and wrist pain—from the innovative makers of iconic YogaToes®.

Hand Therapy In Real Time

Your hands don’t quit... and we engineered YogaHands® around that reality. Constructed from lightweight yet *super* strong polycarbonates, our adjustable hand exerciser provides incredible on-the-go therapy.

Use YogaHands® throughout the day. Knock out Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, trigger finger, arthritis pain, and so much more. So good, people call it The Hand Fixer

The very best part? YogaHands® are made right here in America. Each pair is built with care to exacting specifications, so they last and last. What you're made of matters!

Put Life Back In Your Hands!

We’re *all* tough on our hands. From construction and factory work to the repetitive stress you put on your hands at the office. According to the Department of Labor, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the cause of nearly HALF of all missed work—across the board. It’s *the* number one occupational injury. When it’s your hands vs. the world… you gotta have YogaHands®.

YogaHands® are made around you:

  • Anti-Slip Grip Wedges
  • High-Density Foam
  • Pivoting Hinges
  • Flip-Frame Design

Start Your "Digital" Makeover Now!

YogaHands® are a custom stretch… every time! Athletic trainers and artists, doctors and deejays… everyone loves YogaHands®!



  • As with any other exercise, use moderation and common sense.
  • If you have hand conditions, ask your healthcare provider if YogaHands are right for you.
  • Do not wear YogaHands® when using your hands for any work or manual task.
  • Never use YogaHands® while driving, walking, running or operating equipment.

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